2012 – Kingdom Hill Invincible

Evil Tsunami 2012 – Matthew William

 The vision I received re the end of 2011 and start of 2012.

I saw a tsunami of demons, black, evil dark waters just like theJapan tsunami. It has had a season of flowing and destroying all before it. I saw that it came to a Kingdom hill, a grass-covered large hill that had a glow about it. The hill was on my right and the evil tsunami flowed from the left. I could only see the left hand side of the hill so I have no idea how wide or tall it was.  When the tsunami hit the hill, fully expecting to overwhelm it, it was brought to a sudden halt by an invisible barrier, a line drawn by God. A ‘thus far no further’ barrier.

There was a great warrior on the hill also fully armoured, he watched this border intently, making sure that the evil tide was stopped. This seemed almost superfluous as the tide had no chance of breaking through, so I am not sure of his function. 

What I believe this vision means is that the enemy season of unbridled destruction is over; borders/boundaries have been made. This hill represented God’s people and kingdom and God is protecting it. I believe that 2012 will see God’s people prosper if they are established in God’s kingdom. In some ways the evil destruction has done some good, by destroying strongholds that weren’t kingdom based.

We are entering a GOOD season, a summer season, harvest season, wealth transfer season, a season of mighty foundations. I also get the sense that this season, tho it may wax and wain a little, will not end but will flow into His eternal reign.

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